Jan de Nul Group appoints DSB Offshore exclusive broker for sale of auxillary vessels


JDN vessels for sale

Jan de Nul Group appoint DSB Offshore Ltd as Exclusive Brokers

Dredging major Jan de Nul Group (JDN) are selling a range of auxiliary dredge support vessels and barges located in Europe, West Africa, the Arabian Gulf, SE Asia and Panama.

The auxiliary equipment for sale has worked alongside Jan de Nul Group’s TSHDs and CSDs to support dredging and marine civil construction projects, handling floating pipelines, performing towage, rock transport and land reclamation works worldwide.


Vessels for sale via DSB Offshore, worldwide:

  • Tugboats (10-40 tbp)
  • Flat-top barges (3,000t – 8,000t) – some suitable for rock
  • Accommodation barge
  • Crew boats (12 pax)
  • Survey launches
  • Multicat-type / Multipontoon workboats
  • Splitbarges (1,100 m3)
  • Crane / positioning barges
  • Spraying pontoons
  • Bunker barges

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Already sold / Under offer:

  • Flat-top barges with side walls – ‘DN119’, ‘DN110’, ‘DN25’, ‘DN108’, ‘DN107’, ‘DN111’, ‘DN123’, ‘DN114’, ‘DN148’, ‘DN149’, ‘DN143’, ‘DN112’
  • Crew launches / Survey boats – ‘DN70’, ‘DN69’, ‘DN71’, ‘DN89’
  • Delta tugboats – ‘DN61’, ‘DN63’, ‘DN52’, ‘DN53’
  • Work boat – ‘DN202’
  • Trailing suction hopper dredger – ‘James Ensor‘, ‘Galilei’

Serious buyers should make enquiries via our brokers.