Dredger Backhoe dredger

As specialist shipbrokers, DSB Offshore is active in the sale, purchase and chartering of new and used dredgers on a world wide basis

Trust us to:

  • Satisfy your dredging requirements. Whether yours is a capital or maintenance project, and whether you’re looking to dig trenches, prepare the seabed for foundations, deepen ports, or reclaim land, we can provide the ideal dredgers for you to buy or charter.
  • Provide the power and capacity you need. We have access to large, versatile dredgers able to remove big volumes of spoils, from granite to sand, and to relocate these elsewhere or as building materials. These include trailing suction hopper dredgers, cutter section dredgers, and backhoe dredgers.
  • Deliver the complete package. We can also offer you split hopper barges to buy or charter. You’ll usually need these to remove dredged material excavated by backhoes, or for dumping materials loaded from shore.