Advantages: Exclusive Brokers for Vessel Sales


jack-up barge for sale

DSB acts as Exclusive Brokers for Vessel Sales

DSB has acted as exclusive brokers for the sale of specialist marine equipment for many years. Some of the sales have been for unusual vessels or vessels with a limited market; others on behalf of construction companies and JVs for resale of plant after the completion of a marine construction project. Our brokers act on behalf of the sellers – seeing the sale through from start to finish.


  • Brokers are assured of commission payment and feel that you are serious sellers, not just speculators. This engenders trust between all parties.
  • Brokers are able to develop strong relationship with owners/sellers and will deal directly with you alone. You will not have to field multiple calls from hundreds of different sources, about the sale of your vessel – many of these may be time-wasters or opportunists.
  • Brokers develop a thorough knowledge of the vessel for sale, the vessel’s capabilities, you as owners, your circumstances, the various encumbrances or particularities of the sale and can act as a ‘filter’ for interested parties.
  • Brokers have a network of contacts and wide industry knowledge, meaning that they can advise sellers on market values of the vessel and the vessel’s capabilities for various jobs.
  • Brokers will stick with the deal from start to finish no matter how difficult the sale turns out to be.
  • Brokers advertise on their own industry circulars and their own website, social media and industry publications at their own cost. Brokers also contact their extensive network of contacts for the sale of the vessel.
  • Brokers hold copies of all paperwork which they can send out without sellers needing to be involved. This includes up to date specifications, modifications, specialist equipment, latest certificates, special survey documents and photographs.
  • Brokers can be in attendance at inspections.
  • Brokers can shield owners from non-serious buyers and other vultures.
  • Brokers mediate and negotiate with potentially difficult buyers, time zones and contract writing so that you don’t have to.
  • Brokers remain loyal to the wishes and needs of owners/sellers and their board of directors and shareholders on getting best price, confidentiality, mobilization and towage needs and will attend closing as seller’s representative.

In the case of DSB Offshore, we have a truly international network of clients; brokers speak a number of different languages, including French, Russian, German, Spanish, Greek; and we have been in the business for over 36 years, so we are uniquely positioned to help you with your vessel sale.