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Types of tugs

Tugs have been used for almost as long as goods have been transported by sea, progressing from oar-powered, through steam, to today’s diesel, hybrid and liquefied natural gas (LNG) units. ‘Tug’ itself comes from the very first purpose-built towing vessel to work on the Clyde, named ‘Tug’. There are now over 10,000 tugs registered with Class Societies worldwide, including these specific types:

  • Harbour (or ship-assist) tugs
  • Terminal tugs
  • River tugs
  • Seagoing (coastal) tugs
  • Ocean-going tugs
  • Emergency towing vessels (ETVs)
  • Anchor-handling tugs (AHTs)

Some tugs are designed purely for one of the above purposes, while others are ‘multi-role’; many are used in the offshore construction industry.