Miscellaneous vessels

Hover craft Floating dock Dry dock for sale

Looking for a vessel, which does not fall into the categories provided at the top of the page? Like floating docks? Ultra-Shallow draft work vessels to work in very shallow water? Ice classed tugs or ice-strengthened accommodation vessels to cope with the harshest Arctic environments? Other non-standard vessels which are very hard to locate? Even hovercraft?

View the miscellaneous vessels we have available for sale or charter.

Remember that these really are just a selection of what we can offer. Best to pick up the phone and ask. We pride ourselves in being able to deal with the most unconventional vessel inquiries.

By way of example, DSB has recently fixed a vessel with specialist requirements, for a charter in the Med. Clients will be using the vessel to rescue migrants who are fleeing from war and other difficult circumstances in their home countries.