Port-construction and windfarm-installation jack-ups

Wind farm vessel spread

Looking to undertake a piling project at an exposed location? Or in a harbour where tidal movements and wakes of passing vessels will disturb the operation? Maybe you need a jack-up for a site survey or to erect metmasts? Then view the port-construction and windfarm-installation jack-ups we have for sale and charter.

How jack-ups operate

Jack-ups, also known as self-elevating platforms (SEPs), are barges, propelled or non-propelled, which rise above the water on hydraulically powered legs or piles. They’re often used with cranes on jobs including piling support, and erecting offshore wind farms; and also as accommodation platforms during gas and oil projects.

In the video below you can see how the jacking system works in a jack-up barge – this one is a jacking test for the jack-up Haven.