Towage and transport Barge towage

Towage is a vital part of the marine industry and one of DSB Offshore’s key services, so contact us today with your requirements.

Trust us to:

  • Put together the right package. If the vessel you want delivered or mobilised to a project has no propulsion of its own – for example, barges, dredgers or non-propelled jack-ups – we can provide cost-effective solutions by obtaining towage or transport offers.
  • Choose the best option to meet your needs. We can provide ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ towing and, for long-distance transport, offer additional options such as heavy-lift and float on/float off (flo/flo).
  • Provide great value for money. Our close relationships with owners and up-to-date knowledge of availability and location allows us offer you competitive towage quotes for your requirements around the world.