Sale and Purchase

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Chartered shipbrokers handle the sale and purchase (S&P) of new-build and second-hand vessels worldwide. We work with buyers, sellers, and other S&P brokers depending on the nature of the enquiry.

Trust us to:

  • Quickly and professionally meet your requirements. We maintain a comprehensive database of vessels, owners and operators; excellent industry knowledge; and an overview of market rates. So we can quickly and easily propose the most suitable candidates.
  • We can run a worldwide marketing campaign to generate interest in your vessel, search the whole market for suitable candidates, and act as exclusive broker as appropriate.
  • Give you knowledgeable advice. We work regularly with the industries contracts, and will guide you through the sales process.

We often have exclusive access to vessels for sale that owners don’t want on the open market. So if you can’t find the vessel for sale you want on our website, please contact us for a more information.