About Us

DSB Offshore Ltd is a London-based ship brokerage founded by David Durnford-Slater in 1981.

It began with S&P of offshore drilling rigs and associated support tonnage connected to the oil and gas industry and soon diversified into offshore wind, towage, heavy lift transport and marine construction vessels. Over the years DSB has built a network of strong relationships with vessel owners, construction companies and brokers worldwide.

Roland Durnford-Slater joined his father in the business in 2000 and took over as Managing Director in January 2016.

DSB Offshore is a plucky family brokerage, punching above its weight, and proud to be able to play an essential role in big marine projects of international significance.

DSB employs a dynamic team of  shipbrokers, each having specialist regions, languages and vessel knowledge.

Ship Brokerage:

  • Tugs (coastal & harbour) – the purchase of specialist tug brokers Yarmouth Shipping Company gave us an extra focus in the sale and purchase of harbour & coastal tugs, adding a natural complement to our existing core business of construction jack-ups.
  • Construction jack-ups – the charter, sale and purchase of these units has been our speciality as brokers for over 20 years.
  • Towage – short, medium and long distance.
  • Marine civil construction – sale and purchase of floating plant, together with bid preparation for major construction projects worldwide. We work extensively with construction companies and JVs on major construction projects, from the early stages of tendering through clarifications, to tender award and beyond.
  • Offshore wind and other renewables – we provide jack-ups, 4-point mooring vessels, barges and tugs for building offshore wind farms, and tide and wave generators.
  • International capability as brokers and consultants in the offshore and civil construction industries. As specialists in barges, workboats, jack-ups and tugs, DSB is often called on to do fleet valuations.
  • Multilingual approach – within the company we have speakers of French, German, Russian and Spanish which enables our involvement in international projects.
  • We’ve undertaken work for clients in North and South America, the Far East, South-East Asia, the Mediterranean, Europe, the Caspian Sea, Russia, Africa and the Middle East.

Company Values:

  • We are ethical and honest. “Our word is our bond”.
  • We relate to others with respect and consideration.
  • We have a Growth Mindset. This means that we have a passionate, can-do approach to our work.

Our values underpin our business, guide our everyday work and inform our future decisions. We are prepared to uphold these values at all costs and to be challenged when we contravene them.