Perhaps you need a hopper barge able to dump material for your marine construction/dredging project? Looking to dump dredge material at sea? Need a vessel to work alongside a backhoe dredger to remove spoil from the project site? Undertaking a capital or maintenance dredging project? Then view the splitbarges we have for sale and charter.

How splitbarges operate

Splitbarges are specialist barges used for dumping of material, usually at sea. They can be of various sizes ranging from small containerisable units to sizable splitbarges used to support large dipper dredgers. Splitbarges are either non-propelled, also known as dumb, or self-propelled barges. The non self-propelled units are assisted by tugs or workboats when working on projects.

They tend to be used to support backhoe dredgers moving dredge material from the dredging site to the dumping area. They are very adaptable and can be used to dump most materials, in some cases rock, for many different phases of marine construction.