Landing Craft

Landing craft for sale

Need to transport heavy equipment such as mobile cranes, excavators and dump trucks to locations where there are no docking facilities? Want them to be able to discharge to a beach or a difficult location? Looking to move heavy and oversized cargo? Then view the landing craft we have available for sale and charter.

How landing craft operate

Main features of a landing craft are its ramp door, open deck space, and low draft (typically under 3.5 metres) which allows the boat to operate in shallow waters and areas with limited infrastructure. Originally developed for military use, LCTs are now popular as versatile support vessels for mining, oil, gas and marine construction projects worldwide, and come in lengths up to 80 metres. The ability of landing craft to beach without docking facilities makes them popular alternatives to tug and barge combinations.

In the video below, a large truck crane is loaded onto a small landing craft.