Flat-top barges, crane barges, semi-submersible barges and accommodation barges

Barge towage Multicats for sale and charter

As shipbrokers, DSB has access to a wide range of barges for you to buy or charter, including flat-top barges, crane barges, semi-submersible barges, barges suitable for carrying rock, hold barges and accommodation barges.

Transport barges remain the backbone of the marine construction industry. They have high deadweights, strong decks, large flat areas and, in general, shallow drafts. They’re non-propelled and rely on tugs to pull or push them.

Flat-top barges

Looking to move heavy, over-sized or bulk cargo other units can’t manage? Then view the flat-top barges we have for sale and charter.

How flat-top barges operate

Flat-top barges are also known as pontoons, flat-deck barges, and deck cargo barges. More sophisticated flat tops have pumping rooms and ballasting systems which allow the trim of the barge and draft to be regulated, for efficient loading and offloading. Some flat-top barges have reinforced steel and concrete decks as well as sidewalls and often a ramp. These are suitable for loading and transportation of rock and stone. These are ideal for transshipment and marine construction – we call them ‘rock barges‘.

See below a time lapse sequence of a crane barge in action loading and moving a large ships crane.

Crane barges

Looking to provide a stable platform for lifting heavy loads and objects Then view the crane barges we have for sale and charter. Also known as ‘floating cranes’, these vessels are augmented with spud holes or mooring systems to help them keep stable and in position.

Semi-submersible barges

Looking to transport an object, which is heavy or oversized and cannot be lifted onto a conventional vessel but can float or be made to float? View the semi-submersible barges we have available for sale or charter for use in flo-flo transport.

How semi-submersible barges operate

These specialised barges are equipped with pumping towers. This allows the barge to submerge down below the surface, and for the cargo to be floated on to the deck, before the barge is deballasted and raised, with the cargo, above the water once again. At the arrival destination, the barge is then submerged and the cargo floated off once again.

Accommodation barges

Looking for a barge to house your workforce? Then view the accommodation barges we have available for sale and charter.

How accommodation barges operate

These barges have either fixed accommodation or are equipped with accommodation modules – typically 2-man, 4-man or 8-man cabins, depending on local regulations – and come in two kinds:

  • Alongside accommodation barges can connect to shore-side power, fresh water and sewage
  • Offshore accommodation barges are fully autonomous and used mainly offshore in the oil and gas industries. When such vessels are also equipped with a crane, and can lay pipe offshore, they’re known as ‘lay barges’.