Vessel Charters and Towages

Read about previous vessel charters and towages where our shipbroking services have made a real difference.

DSB Offshore provides vessels for Venice Mose Project

Mose project

Mose flood prevention project Mose is a project designed to protect the city of Venice and surrounding lagoon from flooding. The project consists of a system of underwater ‘gates’ that, in ultra-high tides, would temporarily be able to close off the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic sea. The ‘gates’ are installed at the Lido, Malamocco… Read more »

DSB Offshore secure rescue vessel for Save the Children 2016

VOS Hestia

Winter is fast approaching. The warm summer months are over and the refugee situation in the Med is looking more and more perilous and urgent. Over 300,000 people have attempted to cross the Mediterranean, from Africa and the Middle East to the safety of Europe, in 2016 alone. Sadly many have died in pursuit of… Read more »

Complicated Double Towage from Algeria to Morocco

DSB Offshore news - Towage from Algeria to Morocco

Press release August 2015. The end of July marked the completion of a complicated multiple vessel tow brokered by DSB Offshore. A total of seven distinct units were towed by two tugs from two separate European owners from Djen Djen, Algeria to Safi Port, Morocco. These units were intended for work on a port construction… Read more »

Crewboat charter Moray Firth: May – July 2015

At the end of May 2015 DSB was approached by a large construction company who have been working in the Moray Firth. They needed a crew vessel to be used to support their met mast operation. 24m LOA Sea Fox catamaran crewboat, operated by Enviroserve, who had just finished her contract, was moved straight away… Read more »

Towage of barge from Malaysia to Canada – 2014

Barge towage.

DSB Offshore organised the towage of 2004 built flattop barge Solid 66 (L 109.72m x B 28.04m x 6.4m), by 33m tug Southwind (43t bollard pull). The two completed their 6769 Nautical Miles, from Sarawak, Malaysia, to Vancouver, B.C in November 2014. Southwind had to alter her course several times during her 2 months at sea due… Read more »

Charter of Accommodation vessel to Petrofac, Shetland – 2014

In January 2014 DSB worked with Petrofac to fulfill an urgent request for a suitable accommodation barge or cruise ship to help house workers in Sullom Voe, in the Shetland islands on behalf of their sub-contractors, building the Shetland Gas Plant. This is part of Petrofac’s EPC contract to allow Total to transport gas from… Read more »

Jackup for Offshore Construction 2013 (ongoing)

We were called in to assist in finding a suitable jackup with a large crane and accommodation for assistance in installation of an oil and gas platform in shallow water in UK. In addition we proposed a sheerleg that was able to install the platform in two sections in a cost effective fashion.

C7 Modular Jackup – 2013

In 2013 we were involved with two C7 jackups working in S America. One was on a long term contract in Mexico whilst the second jackup was in Peru. Both were involved in piling for jetty construction work.

Jackup for Site Investigation 2013

A Moroccan dredging company approached us for a jackup that could work in the Mediterranean in relatively deep water, for site investigation of a possible new port. We were able to identify a nearby jackup technically suitable for the work involved.

3 patrol vessels Horten Lagos – 2013

patrol vessel

DSB Offshore managed to secure a deal with Intermarine LLC towards the end of 2013. Intermarine was chosen amongst several heavylift companies who quoted for this job. The project involved the transportation of 3 patrol vessels from Norway to Nigeria as part cargo onboard the vessel HR Constitution.